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Websites are today's way of connecting people with their businesses, organizations, hobbies, interests, and thousands of other topics.  It's like a digital "Swiss Army Knife" replacing business cards and printed resumes. If you don't have a website, you're missing out on the single greatest way to promote yourself and your ideas. As artists working in the digital realm, we can't simply fill a portfolio with our best work and take it to a job or college interview. For this project, you are going to learn how to plan, create, and publish your own portfolio website using the WIX platform from the work you've created in this program



  1. Go through your Master folder and find content to put on your website. 

    1. First-year​ should include

      1. All of your work so far​

    2. Second/Third Year should include

      1. Select your best projects​

    3. Do you do anything extra outside of the program? art, hobbies, and interests related to your career path? add it to your website!

    4. Take your content and save it properly for the web. Save your videos, music, and design projects in the proper formats

  2. Create your resume with the help of ChatGPT

    1. Log into Google Docs and go to​ the "Template Gallery"select "Resume" and pick a template

    2. Save the template to your drive folder

    3. Submit to Schoology by selecting "File+Download+Save as PDF". Do not "Share" the document with me.

    4. What to include

      1. Basic Information: Name & Contact Information

      2. Objective or Summary Statement

        1. This is an explanation of your goals and who you are. Example: "Talented, driven, high school student looking to expand knowledge and skills in the field of Video Production"  Use ChatGPT to help you write this section.

      3. Education

      4. Work Experience

      5. Extracurricular Activities 

      6. Community Service or Volunteering

      7. Awards, Honors, Accomplishments, and Leadership Roles

      8. Special Skills

      9. References or Letters of Recommendation

  3. Upload your resume to Schoology

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  1. Download the "Sitemap Template" to plan the layout of your website

    1. Download the template and ONLY USE Adobe Acrobat to edit the document. 

    2. Fill in the order in which your projects will appear​

    3. Submit the template to Schoology for approval

  2. Go to: and pick out a template

    1. Connect your Gmail account to WIX

    2. WIX will ask you to name your website. Try to use your first+last name as your Sitename or a variation of it if it is already taken.

    3. Use a template that matches your career focus: video, sound, photo, etc.​

    4. Only pick a template that is made for Multimedia and Art that is set up for a portfolio of work.

  3. Use your site template to start laying out your headers, tabs, and links

  4. You may take the template and experiment with

    1. Typestyle, size, and color​

    2. The color scheme of the site

    3. The layout of pictures and galleries

    4. Add or subtract unwanted elements from the template

  5. Setup the names of your links, tabs, and headers



  1. Go to: and log into your new website.

  2. Upload all of your selected projects and other content to your website using the WIX Editor

    1. You can create folders to keep everything organized​

    2. Make sure everything is in the proper format to upload

  3. Upload your Resume to your "About Me" section.

    1. Take a screenshot of your resume and upload it as an image. Make sure you maximize the resume on your screen before you screenshot it.

  4. You will also write a "Bio" or summary about yourself. For example: "Philadelphia native, ______ is a film editor who takes attention to detail to another level. He has had his hand in all forms of production, including commercials, YouTube ads, YouTubers, reality television, music videos, documentaries, corporations, and so much more. When not working, ______ can be found traveling to a new place or trail running through a national park." 

  5. Work with another student to take a headshot for your "About Me" page

    1. You may use one of the backdrops we have or shoot it on the green screen and put it in a different background. For example, a photo studio, or video editing station

  6. Use the Image and Video uploads to present your content

    1. IMPORTANT! Due to size limits, do not upload your videos to your WIX account. You will create a YouTube channel to link all of your videos to your website. Please see the tutorials below to set yours up.

  7. Utilize galleries for large collections of content: Photography, Graphic design, Videos

    1. Keep your galleries organized and in order. Keep similar themes/projects together​

  8. Publish your website and submit your website link to Schoology for review

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Follow these Instructions for Building your Portfolio Site


Your Website needs to have these pages (also called the Site menu) to be able to present all of your work and professional information. Be sure these tabs are on your homepage so others can easily navigate your website:

  • HOME







  • You can also add additional pages if you have other talents and interests, for example; Drawing, Writing, Painting, writing, etc.


These are brief descriptions of what each page should include



This is your Welcome/Landing page. You can write a greeting, asking them to have a look around and to thank them for visiting. Include shortcuts to any important content you want to highlight (a particular page, contact, etc.).



This page will have your experience, work history, skills, abilities, and education in the form of yur Resume. You can pick out a Microsoft Word template online or use a resume-building website like these examples:



This page will be a collection of all of the photos and videos taken in the program as well as any work that is done outside of the classroom. For example, if you like to do outdoor photography, shoot portraits, or record videos of sports activities, you should also add this work to your website. Just remember that you should use your best judgment when adding content outside of the classroom. Make sure pictures are “Safe for Work” and don’t show any inappropriate material (drug use, profanity, nudity, illegal activity, for example, trespassing) content that would cause a school or potential employer to not accept or hire you.



This page will be a collection of sound effects, songs, voice-overs, podcasts, and any other type of audio clip. If you have any audio clips that you have made outside of class and would like to showcase them to others you can also put them on this page. If you intend for prospective schools and employers to listen to these clips, please make sure they are appropriate for the audience. Be aware of any profanity or inappropriate or offensive language.



This page will be a collection of your marketing and design projects. Examples of this are logos, posters, Social Media advertisements, Photoshop projects, and just about anything else other than videos, photography, and sound projects. You may also include any side projects done outside of class that showcase your talents.



This page will be a collection of the activities you do both in and out of the classroom and any hobbies, clubs, groups, and organizations you may belong to. Examples of this would be outdoor activities (hiking, biking, physical activity), and artistic activities that could include drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and jewelry making. Interest can include any clubs and sports teams, any after-school clubs, churches, or charitable organizations.



This page can contain your address, email address, phone number, and social media account contacts for others to contact you and ask more questions. Make sure your email address is professional and appropriate for others to see. If you have an address that is silly or offensive, go to Google Gmail and create an email address that you can use just for professional purposes. The same goes for your Social media accounts. If your accounts contain any offensive and inappropriate behavior, you may want to consider removing them. Many schools and potential employers look at your accounts before making an admission or employment decision.



Website Checklist


Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 4.44.28 PM.png

Writing a High

School resume



Screen Shot 2023-01-26 at 1.34.08 PM.png




Creating a Portfolio Article

WIX Website Builder - Tutorials Playlist

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Having your own website is the modern-day equivalent of having your business card, resume, and portfolio all wrapped up into one. Web design used to be a very complicated process, but with advancements in software and technology, all you need is an entry-level laptop and a web browser to build it. Your site will give you the ability to get into the post-secondary schools of your choosing while also giving you the ability to network yourself and even get some freelance work.

Student Objective

To learn and understand the basics of web development and design principles.​

Program Tasks Covered

501 Identify and use basic HTML elements to create a web page.

502 Integrate graphics and links to an HTML page.

503 Demonstrate the properties of typography in HTML and CSS.

506 Describe the various network protocols (e.g. FTP, SMTP, HTTP, etc.)

Total Hours To Complete:

(10 Days - 20 Hours)

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