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You are being hired by the Valley Forge National Park to create an advertisement to promote tourism at the park. Take what you've learned from the 1st Marking Period projects, and create an advertisement following the EXACT instructions and source files given to you. You will be graded on design as well as following directions.



  1. Learn about your client. Research their website to find interesting facts like the history, attractions, and activities you can do while visiting.

  2. Visit the Valley Forge Park Website for the information for your slides BY CLICKING HERE

  3. Create a folder in your Master Folder called "MP1 Assessment" with an Assets folder in it.

  4. Download the "Resource Images and Music" folder at the bottom of the page to your computer

  5. Place the images and songs you downloaded and move them to your Assets folder

  6. When completed Mr. McCarthy will come around to look at your folders on your computer for the correct setup.

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 2.13.51 PM.png


  1. Using Google Slides, create a 10-slide presentation of Valley Forge Park to promote tourism. 

  2. You need to have

    1. A title slide with the park name​

    2. 5 facts or features about the park in your presentation

    3. A picture from the Resource folder provided to you in each slide

    4. An ending slide with a link to the park website. It needs to say "For more information, please visit us on the Web at:

    5. Save your final presentation in your Project folder with the title "your initials_valley_forge_slides"

    6. In Google Slides, select "FIle"+"Download" and save the file as a "Microsoft Powerpoint" file

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 7.33.30 AM.png


  1. Take your completed slide presentation and create a Premiere Rush or iMovie video with sound promoting tourism to the park

    1. Take each slide and download them as JPEG files. In Google Slides go to "File"+"Download"+"JPEG image Current Slide". It will take the images and text you created and make an image out of it.

    2. Use transitions and/or effects between each slide

    3. Use 1 of the supplied songs that were provided to you for your music.

    4. The finished presentation must be 60 seconds long EXACTLY

    5. Save your final presentation in your Project folder with the title "your initials_valley_forge_video"

    6. Upload the Google slideshow AND your finished video to Schoology as 2 submissions. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 1.49.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 7.52.41 AM.png




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