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For your first music project, we will be making a series of "Mash-Ups". A mashup is a music track created by blending elements of two different songs to create a new song. For example, a producer or DJ creates a mashup by taking the instrumental track from one song and the vocal track from another to create a new track, reworking the song in different keys and tempos as needed

This is a great project to put good use to the basic tools and features of Garageband and you will apply that knowledge in this project. ​The purpose of this project is to create an audio project that contains parts of several pieces of music "mashed" together to create a single music example. This Mash-up will be used for a "Hype" video of your choosing from the options below 


  • This medley mix is a process that is used in the music, TV, sports, and entertainment world. 

  • Many athletes (dance teams, cheerleaders, gymnastics routines) use medley mixes in their routines for competition. 

  • Medley mixes are often found on the radio for commercials or for a quick sample of a product or music review. 

  • You have been hired as an audio editor for Mix Master Incorporated.  

  • They want you to edit a musical mashup hype song for their next event.


For this section, you are going to start off by learning your way around Apple Garageband. For our first exercise, we are going to take 2 songs of our own choosing and mash them together. This will help us to get used to the look and feel of Garageband while also getting some experience trimming and combining files. Watch the tutorials below to gain a basic understanding of importing files into Garageband and the control panel layout.


  1. Find two files on YouTube that you would like to mix together.

  2. Try to use 2 popular songs so you will be able to find enough content to work with. You will take the VOCALS from one song and INSTRUMENTAL form the other song to create 1 new song.

  3. You can mix genres, styles, BMP, tempo, etc. 

  4. Both songs should have music and lyrics

  5. Please keep the lyrics "school appropriate"

  6. Use the Sample app to record the songs

  7. After downloading the files, place them in your Assets folder

  8. Open the files in Garageband

  9. Trim the songs into pieces to begin your mix

  10. You may change the Tempo, Pitch, Volume, etc for your mix

  11. Your song must be a minimum of 2 minutes

  12. If looking for music only, search YouTube for "Karaoke" version

  13. If looking for Lyrics, search for "Lyrics only"

  14. Export your file and upload it to Schoology

  15. When uploading the new mix, make sure you list the two songs and the artist's name.

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 12.04.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 12.04.36 PM.png


  1. Use the Garageband Loops to create a music track for your “Entrance” song.

  2. Imagine if you walked into a room full of people, what would your theme song be?

  3. Is it a funny, serious, rap, rock, etc. song? What "mood" are you going for? are you entering happy, sad, angry, or sneaky?

  4. You need to use 4 Loops from Garageband for the project

  5. our track needs to have a beat and use at least one instrument

  6. Your AUDIO track needs to be 30 seconds in length

  7. Take a video of yourself walking against the green screen. The VIDEO length needs to be 15-30 seconds in length depending on the idea

  8. Find a video background on Youtube that matches the theme of your entrance song (ex: party, beach, city, etc. depending on the style of your music)

  9. Take the background you found on Youtube and combine your Green Screen walking footage to remove the background in iMovie.

  10. Add your song to the iMovie project to create your Entrance Song intro walk.

  11. Export your file and upload it to Schoology


Have you ever watched a movie or show when someone walks into a room to music? Music tracks are often used for a variety of moods to set the scene. This section will have you create your own music track to use for your entrance video.

Remove the Green Screen and add

a new background

Detach Audio from a  file

Export Finished Movie


Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 5.52.41 PM.png


sample mashup
Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 9.58.21 AM.png

Download this document and enter the Name(s), Artist(s), and Videos you will be using for your project. Import this document to Google docs. When you pick your artists and songs, then submit them to Schoology. You must do this first and have it approved by your Instructor before starting the project

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 21.21.13.png

Make sure you download it and save it to your Master or Google Drive Folder folder first before you start to fill it in!


Your job is to cut, splice, and mix original musical recordings to smoothly transition from different sections of each song. 

  1. For this part of the project, you need to pick TWO NEW (2) songs. Each song will be separated into 2 tracks: one vocal and one instrumental for a total of 4 tracks.

  2. You can always try to search for the song and add the term "clean"​

  3. It can also be different genres - Rock, Rap, Dubstep, Techno, Jazz, Classical, Reggae, etc.


    1. VOCALS ONLY- "Lyrics only, vocals only, acapella"​

    2. MUSIC ONLY- "Instrumental, Karaoke, without vocals/lyrics"

  5. Every 20-30 seconds there should be a change in the song by way of a different audio clip.

  6. In order to get the music you need, you can go to YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and find the songs, and record them using the sample app.

  7. You can search for a complete song or parts of a song like just the Lyric Track or the Rhythm track

  8. Then, use the Sample App and the website below in Resources to record your music

  9. Make sure each audio clip is adjusted in volume and/or fade to create smooth transitions. 

  10. The mash-up should be a minimum of 2 minutes in length. 

  11. Your 4 songs should not go in order but should go back and forth between sections of songs like the diagram below.

  12. HAVE FUN!!!! pick artists, you like that will keep you interested in the project

  13. Upload to Schoology when you're done. 



mashup chart.jpg

As you work, keep saving in Garageband and keep all of your files organized in a folder in your Master Folder just for this project. Your sound and song clips and your finished file should go in here along with any other stuff you used for this project. Upload the finished track to Schoology and to the "Sounds" tab on your Portfolio site. Be sure to put a brief explanation on your website of what the project was so viewers will understand what/why you did it. Don't forget to review the support links and rubric below to make sure you are meeting all of the project requirements!


Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 7.34.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 7.30.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 7.38.45 PM.png

  1. Once your Mashup is complete, make a video to go along with it in Adobe Premiere Rush or Apple iMovie.

  2. You can select from 3 different topics

    1. Sports

    2. Video Games

    3. Movies and/or TV shows

    4. DO NOT USE the music videos that went with the songs you chose

  3. YOU MUST USE 4 DIFFERENT VIDEOS and mash those together also. For example, if you do a Basketball highlight video, pick 4 different players or games and edit those together with the 4 songs you picked

  4. Make sure your music matches the tempo of the footage you've selected. Is it exciting? Is it sad? Does the music change during intense, exciting moments?

  5. Your video needs to have a title slide with the names of the artists you used and the videos you chose

    1. Example: Artists: Post Mallone, Drake, and Rhianna - Video: NBA 2021 Playoffs​

  6. You need to use transitions between your songs and videos

  7. You can also use graphics

  8. You can create slides

  9. You can use images from Google

  10. Your video needs an ending slide

  11. Upload to Schoology when you're done.


Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 12.54.42 PM.png
two song mix 1
two song mix 2
two song mix 3
entrance song 1
entrance song 2
entrance song 3


Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 1.47.07 PM.png

to remove Vocals and change Tempo

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 7.53.32 PM.png

Great "How To" article on how to make a Mash Up and example track

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 7.45.04 PM.png

Great Resource for Vocals Only & Instrumentals

Cool Mashup in Garageband

Post Malone mashup

How to Mix a Beat

Garageband Mashup Tutorial 1



When working as a sound designer, you are often given projects that require music needed to add to videos. These videos can range from educational, tutorials, movie trailers, and the list goes on. For this particular assignment, you will understand what "Hype videos" are and the type of music needed to add to them to capture the excitement of the content used in them.


To understand the use of industry-standard software like Apple garage band to create music and audio files. You will also learn what makes up a "Mash-up" and the necessary procedures to create your own


102 Recognize copyright laws, fair use guidelines, and legal issues when producing media.

603 Import and/or transfer media into editing software.

604 Use video and audio effects and transitions. 

612 Monitor and record proper audio levels.

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