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You have been hired as an Audio Producer by Box Office Studios. They want you to create an audio movie trailer advertisement for a movie in their distribution company. You are to follow the directions given by the project manager for the target audience to complete the project.  Once complete then you should review the checklist for grading criteria before turning in your work.  

PART ONE - Movie Trailer Radio Spot

Essential Question: 
How do you create an audio advertisement for a movie to persuade an audience?

Create an audio advertisement that will utilize a target audience using audio software.

Create an audio advertisement for a movie. The ad can be from older movies or new movies that will soon be released. Using sound editing software, creatively construct your voice-over to draw in your target audience as they will not see any images and must be persuaded to see the movie based on your words and audio effects.  You must also include some sound clips from the actors in the movie.

Use  , Youtube with the Sample extension, or google search the web to find MP3 sound clips of your movies. 

Things to Consider: 

  • What movie will you choose? Funny, Scary? SciFi? Drama?

  • How should your voice sound for each of these Genres?

  • Is there enough reference material for you to work with?

  • Is your movie easily recognizable or a "B" movie or an obscure film that very few people will recognize? How will that affect your idea?

  • What radio trailer spots are out now that you can listen to?

You must also consider these questions:

  • What are the essential parts of the movie to include?

  • Do you have to tell a brief synopsis of the film?

  • What parts of the movie do you want to highlight? Action? Adventure? fear? How should your voice sound?

  • What background effects and music will you use?


  1. Your advertisement must be at least 45 seconds in length, but you can go up to 1 minute if you like.

  2. Download the "Movie Trailer" Script template in the Resources below and submit your script FIRST  before moving on to producing. 

  3. Submit your Script to the Schoology link for approval.

  4. Record the voice-over (using your voice) for each commercial.  You must add inflection/emphasis so it is not bland.

  5. Incorporate sound clips from the movie using sites

  6. Incorporate sound effects to go along with your movie to add interest.  

  7. Add a music bed (background track) to go behind the voice over that you create

  8. Must have tag out in Voice Over such as: in theaters now, coming soon to a theater near you, or now available on NetFlix/Hulu/Amazon Prime, etc.

  9. Save as MP3 as "FM_Radio_Trailer.mp3"

  10. Save your completed project in your Master folder.

  11. Submit the MP3 to your Portfolio website under "Audio".

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New Apple Product Launch Video Spot

Most high-profile to the smallest businesses use the Internet to launch a new product or improved version of an old one. Television commercial spots can run from thousands to MILLIONS of advertising dollars depending on the time and event it will be shown. Sound and Video editors are both called upon to work together to create a final presentation that will highlight the new product.


In this project, you will be that editor working for Apple during one of their new product launches. Use what you know about the company and its products to do a voice-over of the Apple products to your right.

Things to Consider: 

  • Who is your target audience?

  • Do you want to appeal to a younger crowd, wealthy, adventurous, etc?

  • How will you gather information about your product?

  • Will you write a script for this assignment?

  • How about a list of product points that are important?

You must also consider these questions:

  • What sound effects and music can you possibly use to compliment the product?

  • Will you use an existing song or create your own music?

  • How does borrowing music affect your choices?

  • What type of voice should you use? what words will you highlight/accentuate?


  1. You must pick THREE (3) videos to do Voice Overs to from the choices on the right

  2. Your advertisements must be at least 60 seconds in length, but you can go up to 90 seconds if you like.

  3. Download the "Product Launch" Script template in the Resources below and submit your script FIRST  before moving on to producing. 

  4. Submit your Script to the Schoology link for approval.

  5. Do research about your product. Go to to get the specifications/features. You will need to include this information for your commercial.

  6. Record the voice-over (using your voice) for your commercial.  You must add inflection/emphasis so it is not bland.

  7. Detach the audio from the provided video clip

  8. Incorporate sound effects if you like from Audition, GarageBand, or the Internet 

  9. Create a music bed (background track) to go behind the voice over that you create

  10. Save as MP3 as "FM_Apple_Promo1,2,3.mp3"

  11. Import your Voice Over iMovie/Premiere Rush and add it to your Apple product clip. *You must detach the existing audio from the clip before you add yours*

  12. Export out your completed files as an MP4.

  13. Save your completed files in your Master folder.

  14. Upload your completed video to your portfolio site under the Audio section. 

Macbook Air - Download File


Toy Story
The Equalizer


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Student Goal:

Music is more popular than ever with its accessibility on such a wide variety of devices as phones, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, and car stereos. Also, with the creation and popularity of Podcasts and streaming, there are a variety of jobs in the sound creation and editing field.

Student Objective:

After completion of the lecture and the class exercises, the students will develop sound effects and loops for sound effects (Foley) video clips. Students will also learn how to record their voices into tracks import them into software and integrate them with sound and video.

Lesson/Project Overview:

This project will give you an in-depth tutorial on the basics of editing sound with programs like Garageband, Audition, and FL Studio. You will learn how to work with using sound effects, creating original tracks, and editing existing content on the Internet, and how to combine both sound effects and music into a complete project.


Lesson/Project Task List:

603 Import and/or transfer media into editing software.

606 Export finished project for distribution.

608 Apply story-telling concepts to a project.

612 Monitor and record proper audio levels

Total Hours To Complete:

(10 Days - 20 Hours)



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